Crown Reduction

Crown Thinning
Where the tree is required to retain its shape individual branches are removed evenly throughout the canopy to reduce the overall density of the canopy to allow more light and wind to pass through to minimise wind damage.Crown Lifting
This removes lower branches that can cause a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles and allows more light to low level planting. This also contributes to a safer environment by creating better visibility in parks and other areas where the public have access.

Crown Reduction, Shaping and Balancing
Trees can become too large and create severe light reduction to the surrounding areas. The overall size can be reduced by carefully pruning branches back to suitable growth points to leave a more natural shape. But importantly poor maintenance can lead to the growth of excessively large branches that can cause structural damage when subjected to the UK’s increasing regular storms.

Routine Tree Work
Removing dead and diseased wood and crossing branches that could cause damage and danger to people.