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Tree Surgeons in Bracknell | Brighten Your Garden with Tree Surgery Services

If your garden suffers from a severe lack of light, then it may require more than just a few potted plants to bring up to standard. It may be that your favourite tree has overgrown to dangerous levels, that your hedgerows need renewal pruning, or that low branches are causing hard access and a lack of visibility. At Fernoak Tree Surgeons Ltd, we deliver tree surgery, hedge cutting and tree removal to homeowners in Bracknell and the surrounding areas. With a passion for arboriculture and all forms of tree work, our tree surgeons are well known in the local area and have a reputation for excellence.

Tree Surgery

Crown thinning and crown reductions require a professional hand and a strong work ethic. Our tree surgeons in Bracknell are highly specialised and come fully equipped to remove troublesome branches. Crown thinning returns the tree to its natural balance, creating a safer environment with increased light. Crown reductions serve a similar function, but reduce the size of the tree for improved stability. The scale and density of a tree can lead to possible neighbour disputes, so it’s better to call the professional tree surgeons before further issues arise. We also supply crown lifting in cases of hard access, and perform hedge cutting for a maintained garden boundary.

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Dead Wooding

If a tree suffers from disease, infestation or is beginning to die, then the branches will begin to decay. Aside from its unsightly nature, dead wood presents the risk of falling debris. In such a case, talented tree surgeons will assess the site for danger and formulate an effective strategy. With numerous accreditations and Checkatrade membership, we perform reliable dead wooding in Bracknell and the surrounding areas and continue to grow through positive referrals.

By removing dead or dying branches at your earliest convenience, you mayprevent the need for tree removal in the longer term. If you require tree surgery, dead wooding or hedge cutting in the local area, call our experts on 01344 645554 or 07763 745414 – Fernoak Tree Surgeons Ltd offers all forms of tree work for a diverse range of clients.

Tree Removal

There are times when the most suitable course of action is to remove the tree entirely. With the proper safety gear and innovative techniques, our specialised team provides sectional dismantling and felling services that reduces the risk of property damage in Bracknell. Where possible, we use a truck-mounted platform to dismantle trees that are otherwise unsafe to remove with conventional felling methods.

After tree removal is complete, you receive a bright and beautiful garden space with only a stump left behind. If you prefer, we can deliver stump grinding to destroy the roots and prevent the risk of regrowth. If you have any questions regarding tree surgery, hedge cutting or other forms of tree work, please ask our friendly tree surgeons in Bracknell.

We have a full understanding of all forms of arboriculture, and take every precaution to ensure a safe working environment and attractive garden space.